Branch Pick-up:  The DPW is continuing with large branch clean-up.  Please leave large branches in an orderly fashion curbside for chipping.  Make sure your landscapers are not leaving anything behind.  Anything cut down or handled by contractors must be removed by the contractor.  The DPW will not pick up any grass clippings, leaves or debris left behind by a landscaper.

Due to Tropical Storm Isaias the regular routes are still postponed.  Once everything has been cleared up branch pick-up will go back to being on-going -1st & 3rd weeks for the West side and 2nd & 4th weeks for the East side.

Seasonal Employment:  The DPW is need of a few good seasonal employees.  Please complete the employment application.  Email to or fax 201-664-3254 or drop off at the Borough Hall.

Sewer Department:  PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER. Flushing any other material (wipes, paper towels, etc.) causes clogging of sewer pumps. The flow has been at an all time high with everyone being home and washing hands and laundry. We cannot afford to lose a pump because of foreign debris entering the pump station. Losing a pump now would most likely result in multiple homes backing up with sewage.


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