Inspections:  Due to the pandemic we are facing the only inspections that will be performed are ones that take place outside (footing, foundation, backfill, trench, etc.) or ones inside a vacant new construction. Vacant means that the property is uninhabitable and has no certificate of occupancy.

All CCO inspections (resale and rentals) will need 2 letters:

  1. Building: A letter from the purchasers' attorney acknowledging that they are responsible for getting Building and Fire inspections within 120 days or when the Building Department opens to full capacity and that the purchaser will take full responsibility for any repairs that the inspector finds.

  2. Fire: A letter from the seller's attorney stating that, to the best of their knowledge, all smoke/carbon alarms are up to date and functioning with a proper fire extinguisher mounted in the kitchen and the seller will take full responsibility for any repairs or modifications to any item listed above that is incorrectly functioning at the time of inspection.

Letters can be EMAILED to the Building Department ( All payments will be due at the time of scheduling and NOT with the application. All applications must be emailed. A certificate will be emailed back to you.

Closure of Non-Essential Construction: Effective 8pm, Friday, April 10 all non-essential construction across the state will cease, indefinitely. Exceptions to this shut-down include: projects at our hospitals and schools, in our transportation and utility sector, the building of affordable housing, other individual housing sites that can adhere to strict limits on the number of workers (5 or fewer) on-site at any given time, emergency repairs, and work needed to safely secure a construction site, and other limited instances.  For more information click here.

Any questions, please contact the Building Department 


Robert Rusch, Construction Official - Ext. 20

Robert oversees the daily operations of the Building Department.  He has final approval on all applications.  He may impose penalties when appropriate.  And is responsible for preparing yearly budgets for the Mayor and Council.

Liz Stass, Technical Assistant - Ext. 19

Liz schedules inspections, answers questions regarding building permit requirements and  prepares month-end financial reports.  She is responsible for submitting reports to the NJ Department of Community Affairs. Her hours are M-F 9:15 - 2:15


Robert Rusch  - Building Inspector - Ext. 20

Brian Drewes - Plumbing Subcode Inspector

James Hoffmann - Electrical Subcode Inspector 

Alan Silverman - Fire Subcode Inspector

The Borough Inspectors conduct land reviews to ensure that projects conform to all code and inspection requirements.


Bob Rusch - Zoning Officer - Ext. 20 

Reviews drawings and surveys for proposed projects to ensure that the zoning code is strictly enforced. Bob also issues all zoning permits.



Construction Official:

Monday 10:45am to 2:15pm
Tuesday 7am to 10am
Wednesday 10:45am to 12:15pm
Thursday 7am - 9am
Friday 12:30am to 2pm

For an appointment with the Construction Official call 201-664-1849 Ext 19

Building Dept:  Monday - Friday  9:15am to 2:15pm

Electrical: Tuesday & Thursday 3:30pm-6:30pm

Plumbing:  Monday 9am-11am
                    Wednesday 2pm-3pm
                    Friday 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Fire: Wednesday & Friday 1:30pm-3pm

Permits: Issued daily until 9:15am-2pm

Zoning Officer: Monday 5:30pm to 7pm or by Appointment 


Building Department Forms, Click Here.

Building Permit Process, Click here.

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