Many of the Borough's forms are now available as "fill-in" forms.  They may be filled in online and then printed.  Look for * next to the form. 

The forms listed below are PDF files. In order to view and print them, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the Adobe Acrobat logo below for your safe, free version of this very useful tool. PDF files are donoted with by the following icon:   



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Planning Board

Affordable Housing  


Finance/Tax Collection 




General Forms

Resident Service Request Form
Hold Harmless Agreement (other than construction)*
Employment Application*
OPRA Request   Open Public Records Act info & request form
Employee Compliment Form*
2019 Community Garden Application


Recreation Forms

on-line for:
Girl's Softball


CLICK HERE  to connect to Community Pass on-line registration system.

Notification of Injury
Camp Counselor Application*
Recreation Permit Application

United Water Company Property - Outreach & Education Information



Zoning Permit:   Application       Code       Zoning Map
Hold Harmless (construction) *
Application for Removal of Trees *
Soil Disturbance Permit Application*
Street Excavation Permit Application
Right of Way Permit Application
Certificate of Continued Occupancy Application
Business Use Permit Application
Building Subcode Form*
Electrical Subcode Form*
Plumbing Subcode Form*  
Fire Subcode Form*

Application for Certificate 

CCO Requirements

Planning Board Forms

Residential Variance Application*
Multipurpose Application*


Affordable Housing Forms

Affordable Housing Application Instructions
Affordable Housing Income Limits
Affordable Housing Application



Clerk FormsLicensing

Pet (dog & cat) Licensing Application * 
Animal (other than dog or cat) License Application*
Business License Application 
Towing License Application *

Dwelling Registration

Landlord Registration



Vote by Mail Application (Absentee Ballot ) *
Voter Registration Application *

Election Law Enforcement Comm. Forms & Compliance Manual for Campaign Reporting


Liquor Licenses

Liquor License - 12 page Application *
Liquor License - Social Affairs Permit*
Liquor License Transfer Guide



Instructions for a Raffle License *
Application for a Raffle License *


Finance/Tax Collection Forms

Tax/Sewer ACH Withdrawal Form
100% Disabled Veteran* (instructions included)
Senior Citizen & 100% Disabled Person Deduction *
Income Statement for Seniors & 100% Disabled Person Deduction *   
This is a Required attachment for the Senior Citizen & 100% Disabled Person Deduction Form.
Veteran Deduction *
Sewer Utility Senior Citizen Reduction*
Property Record Change Form *


Golf Course Form

Application for Use of Facilities - Club House*


Registrar Forms

Marriage License - Requirements  
Marriage License - License Application  *

Certified Copy of Vital Record - Marriage
Certified Copy of Vital Record - Birth Certificate
Certified Copy of Vital Record - Death Certificate


Additional information