John M. Kramer



Ron Binaghi, Jr

    Committees: Police Department, Municipal Court, Library, Affordable Housing, Municipal Alliance


William Boyce               Email:

    Committees: Golf Commission, Planning Board, Environmental/Green Team/Shade Tree/Open Space, Veterans, Boy & Girl Scouts 

Guy Carnazza               Email:

    Committees:  Recreation Commission, Safety Committee, Board of Health, Arts & Entertainment, Grants

Thomas Gallagher  

    Committees:  Finance, Borough Administrator, Borough Clerk, Fire Department, First Aid Corps.

Matthew Nalbandian  Email:

    Committees:  DPW, Utilities/Recycling, Engineering, Construction, Historical Committee

Jin Yhu                       Email:

    Committees:  Schools, Community Development, Senior Citizens, Local Assistance Board, Telecommunications, Technology




Mayor John Kramer by e-mail or (201) 664-1849  

Mayor and Council by e-mail
Borough Administrator by e-mail or (201) 664-1849 ext.12



As agendas become available, a few days prior to each Mayor and Council meeting, they will be posted on the website.  They will be kept on the website until the next meeting.  Meetings of the Mayor and Council are generally held on the first and third Mondays of each month, at 7:30 pm, in the Council Chambers at Borough Hall.  The Agenda posted on the website is not the "official" Agenda and all Agendas are subject to change.

To view the Mayor and Council Meeting Agendas - click here



For the Borough Code on-line, as well as pending and recently enacted ordinances - click here



To view the Mayor and Council Meeting Minutes - click here



The Borough of Old Tappan operates under the Borough form of government.  The Borough is governed by a Mayor and six Borough Council members. The Mayor is elected to a 4-year term; the Council members are elected to 3-year terms. The Mayor votes only in the event of a tie. This seven-member governing body is empowered to enact local ordinances, to levy municipal taxes and conduct the affairs of our community. In almost all cases, it can review and approve the actions of other Borough of Old Tappan boards, committees and agencies. The Mayor and Borough Council conducts all of it business during monthly meetings open to the public. All Legislative powers of the Borough are exercised by the Mayor and Council. These powers can take the form of a resolution, ordinance or proclamation (see Glossary of Terms below).  



The governing body generally meets two times per month in the Edward J. Gallagher Council Chambers at the Borough Hall, 227 Old Tappan Road.  Work sessions (also called Executive meetings) are held on the first Monday of the month and the Regular meetings are held on the third Monday of the month.  All Mayor and Council meetings start at 7:30 pm.  The Mayor presides at all meetings of the Mayor and Council.  At Executive meetings, the governing body discusses and debates proposed resolutions, ordinances and other policy matters.  These meetings are open to the public.  Formal action (resolutions and ordinances, etc.) is generally reserved for Regular meetings and sometimes Special meetings which may be scheduled immediately prior to Executive meetings.

All public meetings have time allotted for members of the public to speak on any issues they wish to address.

To download a copy of the Mayor and Council's By-Laws, which details the protocol for meetings and prescribes the process and procedures for the Mayor and Council - click here



The Mayor and Council appoint volunteers to serve on the many Boards and Commissions of the Borough. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a Board or Commission, please fill out the Committee/Board Appointment Form and send by mail or email to:

Mayor John Kramer
Borough of Old Tappan
227 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan, NJ 07675



An ordinance is a local law set forth by the governing body. Anytime the Mayor and Council wish to pass a local law or ordinance, it must be introduced at a public meeting. Once it is introduced, the Borough publishes the ordinance in the legal section of a local paper. The publication indicates the date and time established by the governing body for a public hearing on the ordinance. At the public hearing, the ordinance is read by the title and then the floor is opened to members of the public who wish to make comments on the ordinance. After the public is finished commenting, the public hearing is closed and the members of the Borough Council vote on the ordinance. If passed, the ordinance is again published in the local paper and takes effect immediately upon publication. The only exception is bond ordinances which take effect 20 days after publication.


A resolution is a formal expression of opinion, will or intent of a governing body. Resolutions are passed at the same meeting they are introduced. Most administrative matters are handled by resolution. Examples or resolutions include awarding contracts for the purchase of equipment and materials, and hiring professionals, (Engineers, Attorneys, etc)


A proclamation is a document given by the Mayor and Council to formally recognize an individual, an organization, a special event, an achievement, or cause. Proclamations are generally read at the public meetings and presented to the person or group being recognized. Examples of proclamations include recognizing Borough residents who have given service to the Borough or preformed acts of heroism.

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