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8:30am - 4:00pm

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OT Environmental Commission Photo Contest 2021

Is a photo worth a thousand words?  We think so!

The theme of the 2021 Earth Day Photo Contest was to celebrate our environment:  air, water, land, wildlife, ecosystems, etc.  Thank you to all the Charles DeWolf 5th - 8th grade students for caring about your environment and for participating in this photo contest.

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Place - Lake Tappan Resevoir


2nd Place - Oakes Park


3rd Place - Davenport Court


Meeting Schedule

Please join us at our monthly meeting held on the third Tuesday of each month upstaris in the Firehosue. We begin at 7:30 PM and greatly appreciate any and all contributions of ideas and proposals. 

Commission Members

The commission is made up of seven Old Tappan residents appointed by the Mayor with terms varying from one to three years in length.

2021 Commission members:

David Keil - Chairman
Melanie Rie - Vice Chairperson
Bill Howe
Gary Mascolo
Larry Weil
Gene Kosmark - Alt 1
Ryan Weaver - Alt 2

Kaitlin Mitchell - Recording Sec
Bill Boyce - Council Liaison

Community Garden
Community Garden Application: click here
Community Garden Hold Harmless: click here
Community Garden Rules and Regulations: click here
For more information, please contact either David Keil or Larry Weil.

Professional Organizations

PO Box 157
Mendham, NJ 07945
PHONE: 201-539-7547
FAX: 201-539-7713

Environmental Commission Information

Our Vision

The Environmental Commission is dedicated to the preservation, conservation, protection, and appearance of our local environment including open space, wetlands, water resources, air, soil, landscape, flora, and fauna. Air and noise pollution, solid waste management, and recycling are all areas for which the Environmental Commission is responsible. Through increased awareness and educational programs to our ordinances, we hope to fulfill our vision of a safe, healthy, and beautiful Old Tappan.

Our members volunteer their time to help make Old Tappan a more environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing place in which to live.  Since all residents are the eyes and ears of the community, please alert us to any environmental problems or concerns which fall within the realm of the OTEC.

Contact Information

In addition to attending the meetings, you may contact the Environmental Commission by dropping a note into Town Hall at 227 Old Tappan Road or please feel free to call Borough Hall at 201-664-1849 and leave a message.


The Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA) hosts a variety of events that include household hazardous waste collections, tire, and computer/electronic recycling events.

For information about the location and dates of these upcoming recycling events, see the Bergen County Utilities Authority Calendar.

Most consumers are unaware that computers and electronic equipment contain toxic materials and heavy metals, which could create an unsafe environment if, according to the Bergen County Utility Authority Chairman, "their landfilled were incinerated." Therefore, it is important that computers and electronic equipment be disposed of properly. The BCUA offers a drop-off site in Little Ferry, NJ by appointment only Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 12 noon. Further information is available through their hotline at 201-807-8683.

Old cellular phones can be donated through:

Donate-a-phone, giving used phones to women's shelters, to CollectiveGood, who give a portion of their revenues to charity, or to Verizon stores, who refurbish and donate these phones to local charities. Also, many police and fire departments will accepted used phones for reuse as 911 Emergency phones.

Compact Disks (CDs) can be recycled by sending them to Green Disk (1-800-305-3475) and MRC Polymers (1-800-890-9000). Old America Online CDs can be sent to No More AOL CDs (1935 El Dorado Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707)

Any questions regarding solid waste disposal and recycling can be answered through the BCUA Recycling Hotline at 201-641-5341.