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Tax & Finance

Finance Department Information

Jessie Coward - CMFO, QPA
Chief Financial Officer 
(201) 664-1849 Ext. 15,  email: [email protected]
The CFO is responsible for the overall financial operations of the Borough as Chief Financial Officer, including the $9.5 million municipal budget. 

Diane Frohlich
Accounts Payable Clerk
(201) 664-1849 Ext 14, email: [email protected]
In charge of Accounts Payable and maintains the Borough's Escrow Acount.  Also responsible for maintaining relationships with various Borough vendors.
Laura Bonanno
Accounting Payroll Clerk
(201) 664-1849 Ext. 17, Email: [email protected]
Responsible for all Borough Payroll and performs all bank reconciliation for 18 accounts. Also manages Health Insurance for the Borough including billing and employee concerns.

Tax  Department Information

Kelly Lombardi - CTC
Certified Tax Collector
(201) 664-1849 Ext. 24. email: [email protected]
Responsible for the billing, collection and enforcement of the $35.7 million tax levy which are comprised of both schools, county and municipal tax levies.  Additionally, the Borough has a sewer utility with an operating budget of $1.3 million.
Old Tappan is also unique in the method of construction and billing for sanitary sewers, by virtue of a "special benefit assessment."  Presently, there are twelve different sections of town that have gone through this process.  Responsibility lies with the Tax Collector to bill and collect these payments over an 18 year period.
Jo-Ann Forcellati
Assistant Tax Collector
(201) 664-1849 Ext. 16, email:  [email protected]
Handles all the billing and collection of taxes as well as sewer flow charges and assessments. She assists the Tax Collector with all duties of the tax office including redemption of tax liens.