Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:00pm

(201) 664-1849

Technology Committee

Committee Members

Thomas Lunghard
Douglas Neumetzger
Karen Wilding
Brett Kuehner
Gene Kosmark
Anna Haverilla

Thomas Gallagher, Council Liaison

Technology Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to research and advise how to use technology to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of all functions and operations of the Borough of Old Tappan.


  • Provide a central clearinghouse for Borough issues involving the use of technology to ensure consistency, avoid duplication, and to find the best result.

  • Improve existing Borough systems through the use of technology.

  • Identify and develop new systems to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of Borough operations.

  • Identify and implement appropriate training programs to ensure maximum benefit from the use of technology.

  • Advise Mayor and Council on expenditure of public funds on technology.